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A Study on the book of Genesis Chapter 19

Bible Study Notes Rev. Betsy Perkins

The Sin of Sodom, Exposed and Destroyed
The sin of Sodom is indeed as great as the outcry against it. Though Lot is saved out of God’s love and commitment to Abraham, he and his family were deeply affected by the evil that surrounded them.

The Sin of Sodom Exposed (19:1-14):
o How do you welcome strangers to your home, to your community, to your church?
o How is Lot’s welcome of the angels similar to Abraham’s in ch.18? How is it different?
o “Rape commonly has nothing to do with sexual desire but everything to do with power and humiliation.” (John Goldingay) What is the sin of Sodom that is exposed?
o Lot calls his neighbors “my brothers” in verse 6, but how do they view him (verse 9)?
o Lot’s sons-in-laws respond to the news of God’s plans with the impression that Lot is joking. The word used there is another form of the word laughter, with which Sarah responds to the news of God’s plans in 18:12-15. How might their thoughts be similar? How are both good news and bad news difficult to believe?

Don’t look back! (19:15-38):
Zoar = a small place
o In what ways does Lot resist the angels’ efforts to save him and his family? Why is he so reluctant?
o In 2 Peter 2:6-8 we learn that Lot was distressed by the immoral activity and culture around him in Sodom, yet he and his family also seem to have been affected by the evil around them. In what ways do we see the destructive influence on their thoughts and actions?
o How are we affected by sin and evil around us? How can we guard our hearts and minds?
o Jesus refers to this story in Luke 17:28-32, saying, “Remember Lot’s wife!” What is the lesson we are to learn and remember from Lot’s wife?
o Why does God save Lot? What is the lesson we learn about the power of intercessory prayer?
o Ironically, after Lot’s offer of his daughters’ virginity to the men of Sodom, it is he in the end who takes it from them. The Moabite and Ammonite people became bitter enemies of the Israelites. Is Lot responsible for the sad ending to the story or not? Did he miss opportunities for a better outcome?

In light of this passage and our discussion, what one truth about God and about yourself stand out as something to “take to heart” this week?
Are there steps you will take, by God’s grace, to more fully apply it to your life?

Resources: Robert Alter, Genesis, 1996
John Goldingay, Genesis for Everyone, 2010
Max Lucado, Life Lessons with Max Lucado: Book of Genesis, 1997

Posted in Bible Study on August 22, 2017.

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