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  • “What The Stable Tells Us” by Pastor Michael Ida

    click here to download 12/24/13                    Scripture: Luke 2:1-20 A few weeks ago in worship Rox did the children’s message and she focused on the nativity scene. If you were here you might remember that she brought four nativity scenes and showed them to the children. One of those nativity scene really stood out because it […]

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  • “What You Get Depends On What You Bring” by Pastor Michael Ida

    click here to download 12/22/13          Scripture: Luke 2: 8-15 There is a truth about life that I’d like to explore with you this morning and that truth is; “What you get out of an experience is directly related to what you bring to that experience. Take worship for example, nowhere is this truth more evident […]

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  • The Virtue Of Being Patient by Pastor Michael Ida

    click here to download 12/15/13                    Scripture: Luke 1: 11-24   I came across a cute story this past week about a preschool teacher.  Apparently the teacher decided to help one of her students on with his boots.  The little guy had asked her for help and she could see why. Even with her pulling and him […]

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  • Does Christmas Need To Be Saved? by Pastor Michael Ida

    12/8/13                Scriptures: Matthew 2:1-18  click here to download The organ billows had a hole in it caused by some inquisitive young mice. As a result of the hole the organ would not play. The mice feel bad about the situation and hope that the angel that sits on the top of the tree can magically […]

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  • Hope From A Stump Sermon by Pastor Michael Ida

    12/1/13                         Scripture: Isaiah 11: 1-9 click here to download In a radio interview, Gerta Weissman, who survived a Nazi concentration camp, recalled an episode one spring when she and her fellow concentration camp inmates stood for roll call for hours on end, nearly collapsing with hunger and fatigue. She said, “As we stood there we […]

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  • “Loving Others Into The Kingdom” Sermon by Pastor Michael Ida

    11/17/13   Scripture: Galatians 6:1-10  click here to download Pretty neat video wasn’t it? Wayne sent that clip to me and as soon as I saw it I knew that I could use it in worship. . Now what makes this video clip special is the care, and sacrifice and the sense of community that we […]

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  • We often choose silence rather than speaking out when we see injustice.

    The Sin Of Silence Sermon by Pastor Michael Ida

    11/10/13                     Scripture: James 1: 22-26 click here to download Recent nationwide polls suggest that over 70% of the folks living in our land do not like the direction that our country is going. They don’t like what is happening in Congress and they don’t like what’s going on with the President and his administration. They […]

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  • Inspired By The Cloud Sermon by Pastor Michael Ida

    11/3/13                       Scripture: Hebrews 12: 1-3  click here to download For quite some time now I’ve have been hearing this term, “the cloud.”  The cloud is often referred to on TV commercials, it’s mentioned in newspaper articles, it’s mentioned on the news, and talked about on the radio. The   cloud, it’s a common phrase but what […]

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  • “There’s A Cost To Laziness” by Pastor Michael Ida

    10/27/13           Scriptures: Genesis 3:1-7 & Mark 10: 17-22 click here to download    Journalist David Osborne was excited about the purchase of his new home on 158 Glebe St in a posh suburb of San Francisco. Although the home was an older home, in the past three months it had been completely remodeled and updated […]

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  • “When Two Ment Went Pray” by Pastor Michael Ida

    10/20/13        Scriptures: Philippians 2:1-11   Luke 18:9-14 Click here to download  I don’t know where I came across it, but somewhere I saw a book entitled: “The Second Book Of Insults.” Since it is the second book, I assume there was also a first book, and because the first book must have been popular its author […]

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  • The Broken Window Theory by Pastor Michael Ida

    10/6/13                      Scripture: Hosea 4: 1-9 click her to download A couple of years ago a woman noticed a few bees buzzing around a vent in her attic. Since there were only a few bees she basically ignored them. But as the summer progressed she noticed that the swarm increased in size. By the end of […]

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  • “When The Dead Man Sat Up” Sermon by Pastor Michael Ida

    9/29/13                  Scripture: Luke 7: 11-24 click here to download  We don’t expect to meet up with a dead body during the middle of the day do we? But that is exactly what happened to Jesus. Luke tells us that as Jesus and his disciples were coming into the city of Nain, they met a funeral […]

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  • “Decisions Have Rippling Consequences” Sermon by Pastor Michael Ida

    9/22/13            Scripture: 2 Samuel 11:1-25 click here to download   The person who wrote the history of King David knew him well. Some say that it had to have been Zabud, the son of the prophet Nathan. But many believe that the person who wrote our story today and the other personal stories of David […]

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  • Jesus Said, “I Am” Part 7 Sermon Series by Pastor Michael Ida

    9/15/13             Scripture: John 14: 1-7  click here to download For the last six weeks we have been exploring Jesus’ “I Am” sayings found only in the gospel of John. We have looked at how Jesus used light to convey the truth that when we walk with him his light keeps us from stumbling to the […]

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  • “Jesus Said; “I Am” Part 6” Sermon Series by Pastor Michael Ida

    9/8/13                       Scripture: John 11: 17-27 click here to download The call came in the middle of the night. When I picked up the phone I heard my brother’s voice. He told me that dad was at Froedtert Hospital and that he was unconscious and was bleeding out. He said that there was nothing that the […]

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  • Jesus Said; “I Am” Part Five by Pastor Michael Ida

    9/1/13                        Scripture: John 10:11-18 click here to download  Three Sundays ago we talked about sheep and if you were here that Sunday you might remember hearing me say that sheep were highly valued in the Hebrew culture. They were valued because they were a food source but even more importantly they were valued because of […]

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  • Jesus Said: I Am” Sermon Series Part 4 by Pastor Michael Ida

    8/25/13                      Scripture: John 15: 1-8 Click here to download I’m sure some of you can identify with the main character in our drama? I was lucky when I was growing up. I was one of those kids that always managed to fit in. But there are many in today’s world who really struggle to fit […]

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  • Jesus said; “I Am” Part 3 by Pastor Michael Ida

    8/11/13                   Scripture: John 10: 1-10 click here to download  For the last two Sundays we have been talking about images that Jesus used to describe himself. We talked about light two Sundays ago, and last week we talked about bread and how bread was central to the Jewish meal. Like bread, Jesus should be central […]

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  • Jesus Said, “I Am” Part 2 by Pastor Michael Ida

     8/4/13                      Scripture: John 6:25-40  click here to download Last Sunday we looked at the first of our seven “I Am” sayings spoken by Jesus. Jesus said; “I am the light of the world.” And if you were here last Sunday you’ll probably remember how Jesus used this image of light to reveal certain truths about […]

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  • “Jesus Said: “I Am” Part 1″ by Pastor Michael Ida

    7-28-13 Scripture: John 8:12-18
    I am the light of the world. I am the bread of life. I am the good shepherd. I am the gate. I am the resurrection and the life. I am the way, the truth and life. I am the vine. These are the “I Am” sayings of Jesus. And for the next seven weeks we are going to look at these sayings in worship.

    Our writer John is the only one of the gospel writers to tell us about Jesus and his “I Am” sayings. Luke doesn’t mention any of these saying in his gospel, neither does Mark or Matthew. The “I Am” sayings are unique to John. And because they are unique many scholars question whether or not Jesus really said them.

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  • “Inner Attitudes” by Pastor Michael Ida

    7/21/13                        Scripture: 1 Chronicles 16:8-24 click here to download I had a nice visit with Delores Hoppe from our church the other day. As many of you know Delores is spending some time at Willowfield Nursing Home, for some physical therapy. Her recent fall put her in the hospital and from there she was transferred […]

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