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Bible Study

  • A Bible Study On 2 Timothy

    A Study On Second Timothy Introduction/ Chapters 1 &2 Introduction Author: All scholars are in agreement that Paul is the author of this second letter to Timothy. Paul probably wrote this letter between the years of 66-67 AD. Paul is now in prison in Rome when he writes this letter. Unlike Paul’s first imprisonment in […]

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  • Bible Study On 1st Timothy

    A Study On First Timothy Introduction & Chapter 1 Author: Scholars are in agreement that Paul is the author of this letter to Timothy. Scholars estimate that Paul wrote this letter between 63 and 65 AD.   Purpose: The purpose of this letter was to bring words of encouragement and instruction to young Timothy as […]

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  • A Study On The Book Of Ruth

    Introduction   The title of this book is gleaned from its main character who is Ruth. Ruth is not an Israelite but a Moabite, who was married to a Jew named Mahlon. The name Mahlon means weakling. As we discover, Ruth is a young widow in the story. The book of Ruth is one of […]

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